Our Ride

Carolyn wrote a blog post every day during our ride. These are linked together so you can read them from start to finish.

We did our ride June and July 2014. Many people thought we were crazy riding to Key West in July, but that’s that time that worked out the best for our schedules. In the end, the heat was not a significant issue.

We followed the Atlantic Coast route mapped by Adventure Cycling which goes from Bar Harbor, ME to Key West, FL and passes near our home in Westford – you can click that link for a very nice description of the route. I’ve also posted a page with links to detailed route maps if you’re interested. We started from home rather than from Bar Harbor. We were afraid that if we started in Bar Harbor, that when we passed our home we’d be tempted to take a break and might not continue. The part of the route we planned to do is about 2,400 miles long, but we cheated and ended up riding about 2,000 miles.

Some bike tourists take tents, sleeping bags, and cooking implements. I’ve never enjoyed camping so we stayed in hotels each night. It was more expensive, but we had less weight on the bikes, and were able to relax in the evenings.

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