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A few things we noticed today…

  • When you are biking southwest, you only get a sunburn on your left side.
  • If the road widens to accommodate a slow truck lane, you know it’s going to be a big hill.

Today we  rode an entire map and a half of the ACA maps. All of map 18 and half of map 19. So exciting. And we crossed into NYS, which is even more exciting, because Connecticut is notorious for being the hillest state. Although today was pretty freakin’ hilly, but I think things are looking up.

Our day started with a lovely breakfast at our B&B, then we headed toward NYS. We stopped almost immediately because we had forgotten to turn on our helmets. We start every day turning on the helmets, and sometimes we have to do it again during the day. Here’s some idea of what it entails:

  • Dana: Let’s turn on our helmets
  • Me: OK, ready to press the buttons?
  • Dana: Yes… OK, I heard a beep boop
  • Me: Yup, I heard a beep boop too
  • Dana: Are you sure?  That sounded more like a beep bop
  • Me: Well, what color am I blinking?
  • Dana: Oh no, you are double blinking blue.  Do it again.
  • Me: OK…. Now I know I heard a beep boop.
  • Dana: Yes, you did.  You are now blinking blue.  Can you hear me?
  • Me: No.
  • Dana (louder): Can you hear me now?
  • Me: Nope.  Can you hear me?
  • Dana: No.  What color am I blinking?
  • Me: Bend over, let me see.
  • Dana: Ouch, my neck doesn’t bend that way.
  • Me: I think you are blinking purple.
  • Dana: Purple?? Shit, that’s wrong. I’ll try again…
  • Dana: OK, that was a beep boop. Can you hear me?
  • Me: Nope.  Can you hear me?
  • Dana: Nope… Mary had a little lamb…
  • Me: If you sing I will divorce you
  • Dana: Can you hear me now?
  • Me: Oooh, I heard a beep…. I can hear you. Can you hear me?
  • Dana: Yes, let’s go.

BTW, the product is a Cardo BK-1. And inspite of all of that, it’s really been wonderful for this trip. Probably saved our lives, since we can communicate without having to ride double file. But I still can’t answer the phone on it, and we have no idea what purple lights mean.

We weren’t sure how far we’d get today, but I was hoping for Hyde Park – about 45 miles. Dana was hoping for Poughkeepsie – about 60 miles. But we figured we’d just ride and see how we felt. Spoiler alert… we felt like crap.

Anyway, right around the NYS line, we passed the Appalachian Trail, which I thought was cool, because I am currently reading “A Walk In the Woods” by Bill Bryson, which I think is perfect for me right now. It turns out that as hard as biking is, it’s just wimp stuff compared to hiking the AT. So it’s giving me confidence – and it’s really funny.


We stopped in the first NYS town – Millerton, which had a CVS so we bought Gatorade and bug spray. Then we went to McDonald’s, where I had fries and Dana had two apple pies. We met a guy in the parking lot who is going north on our route, so he joined us for our snack. He’s about 60, in phenomenal shape, does this every year, camps out, and does 75-100 miles per day. When he asked how much we’re riding per day, Dana sheepishly replied “only 40 or so”, while pointing to me across the table with a “not my fault, she’s just a girl” expression.

I was not happy.

We continued on to Amenia, NY, where they actually have a drive-in movie theater, with a snack bar in the parking lot. So we had mocha malteds, which were totally freakin’ amazing. That was at mile 21, at which point we started yet another long hill climb, which lasted about 10 miles. Not all hill, just uphill rolling painful. But since that left us in the middle of nowhere, we agreed to continue onto Hyde Park.

Somewhere in the middle of nowhere, we got onto Rte. 57, wich seemed appropriate for this ride.


We arrived in Hyde Park after 48 miles. Our butts are sore, our quads are sore, our backs are sore, our abs are sore. I’m assuming one problem is that, except for breakfast at 8, our entire fuel consisted of Gatorade, malteds and McDonald’s.


So here we are in Hyde Park, and we’d like to reach New Paltz tomorrow, but there’s supposed to be terrible rain, so we’ll see what happens. I would at least like to get to Poughkeepsie, because according to the internet, the laundromat there is nicer than the one here. Priorities!

The good news is that we ONLY have 400 hilly miles left! Yippee!

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