The Route Details

I’ve had many people ask me about our route, I was reluctant to post the detailed route because Adventure Cycling Association sells the route maps and I did not want to publish material sourced by them. I double checked and it turns out that they make the GPX route files available for free download from their site. They have separate versions of these GPX files – only available to members – which include the detailed points of interest. And of course, for anyone considering a tour, I strongly recommend buying the paper maps to take with you.

I imported the GPX files provided by ACA into Ride With GPS and did a bit of cleanup. ACA divides the ride into seven sections, so I created seven routes in Ride with GPS; one for each of the ACA map sections. I’ve linked to the routes below. Note that the first section only includes the part we’re doing; it starts in Bar Harbor Maine, and we’re starting about halfway into it.

  1. Ayer, MA to Windsor Locks, CT
  2. Windsor Locks, CT to Conshohocken, PA
  3. Conshohocken, PA to Richmond, VA
  4. Richmond, VA to Wilmington, NC – we’re probably going to take the Outer Banks Alternate
  5. Wilmington, NC to Statesboro, GA
  6. Statesboro, GA to St. Augustine, FL
  7. St. Augustine, FL to Key West, FL

6 thoughts on “The Route Details”

  1. Stacey White said:

    So very nice to meet you, Dana & Carolyn! Many wishes for a safe, fulfilling, and fun trip! Stop by McCleary’s in Marietta, PA if you are ever in the area again! Friendship to you, Stacey

  2. David Beloff said:

    David says hello and don’t forget to call.

  3. Dana,
    Sorry your pass through Isle of Wight county was not exciting. If you were at the 7-Eleven I think you were at, you were about a mile from the “Taste of Smithfield” restaurant and store where you could have gotten some ham. You passed about 15 miles north of me as you went through Smithfield and about 10 miles east as you passed through Suffolk. I am in the metropolis of Windsor.

    • Hi Glenn, sorry we missed you! We often think of all the interesting and fun things we press by without even knowing about them. On the other hand, we are seeing loud of interesting stuff. Today was a rest day in Suffolk and we visited Riddick’s Folly which was a wonderful museum.

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