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We decided to take a day off today. Between the threat of thunder storms, Dana’s back spasms, and my butt soreness, we thought this was a wise idea. So we spent the day in Easton, PA. The highlight so far has been the Crayola Experience, a museum dedicated to the history of Crayola crayons. I think our personal Crayola experience might have made more sense if we’d had a 4 year old in tow, but it was fun nonetheless.


First we colored pictures on computerized coloring systems. I can’t believe I’m such a girl!



Then we decided to get creative. This seemed appropriate.


We learned some wonderful stuff about Crayola crayons. Did you know that Crayola comes from the French word for chalk “craie”, and the Latin word for oily “oleaginous”? Or that there are 300 Crayola crayon colors, but only 13 wrapper colors?  Or….


Then we went to the gift shop – there’s always a gift shop – where we did not buy a 2 lb. crayon. Seems like a complete waste of cargo weight on the bikes.  However, Dana bought a tube of flavored sour sugar. Luckily that didn’t survive long enough to become burden tomorrow.

After the Crayola Experience, we walked around the town, checking out antique shops. We had lunch at the Two Rivers Brew Pub, then walked back down to the river to check out more stores, historic buildings, etc. Then we ate ice cream.


We are now back in the motel room, where Dana is resting his back. As much as my butt pain is horrible, at least it doesn’t hurt off the bike. Back pain is far more pervasive. So while Dana rests his back and I stare lovingly at my new bike seat, we are watching MeTV. Just finished a riveting episode of The Big Valley, now we’re getting into Adam-12. A ridiculous waste of time, but boy!, do we need the break.

I’m looking forward to trying my Bark-O-Lounger seat tomorrow. We bought an allen wrench today, so that I can adjust it if necessary. I am painfully aware that a badly positioned bike seat can cause knee pain, which is worse than butt pain (but better than back pain).

Tomorrow we will head to Lambertville, PA – about a 40 miles ride – where we will have dinner with my cousin, Andrea. I wish we could ride more, I wish the 40 miles didn’t take so long, and I’m fairly sure that I am the slowest rider ever to attempt this endeavor. But it’s still a wonderful adventure.

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