Before The Ride; About Us

These are blog posts about our lives; things were thinking about before our ride.

4 thoughts on “Before The Ride; About Us”

  1. Adriana Alvarado said:


  2. Mark Konanec said:

    Living the dream. Wishing you both nothing but the best on this amazing adventure.

  3. Sherry Fitzsimmons said:

    It was so fun to meet you at the little restaurant on below St Augustine. I have been following your blog and enjoy reading about your journey. The weather has been a bit difficult here in Florida with so many several thunderstorms. You must be getting close to your goal. Enjoy and hope to touch base when we visit Boston in September

    • clevitsky said:

      Thanks! It was nice to meet you too. Yes definitely, contact us when you get to the Boston area.

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