Since our long tour to Key West we’ve done a few smaller tours. Dana “completed” the ACA Atlantic Coast ride with a one week trip to Bar Harbor. We had a lovely tour out to Province Town out at the end of Cape Cod. Last year we had a difficult tour from our home to Albany NY – difficult both because it was much hillier than we expected and also because Carolyn was suffering from Lyme carditis disease (which we discovered because of the the tour)

Our next tour starts next week. We’re touring the Erie Canal from Buffalo to Albany. We’re not sure, but perhaps we’ll blog about it as we go.

Our 57 Ride

On May 31, 2014, we embarked on a bicycle ride from Westford, MA to Key West, FL. When we decided to attempt this journey, I made sure to tell everyone about it. Not to brag – I’m more self-deprecating than braggart – but because I needed peer pressure to actually follow through with the plan.

So, naturally, people started asking us questions about the ride. And we decided to blog it. The “57” in the blog’s title is because we are turning 57 this year and we were born in ‘57. So the ride and the number were the original basis of this blog, although it has now grown past its not-so-humble beginnings.

Who are we? I’m Carolyn, and my husband is Dana. We are a middle aged couple from Westford, MA. We have 2 kids in college, and Dana has 3 grown kids from his first marriage. He is a software architect. I used to be a software engineer, but now I’m a housewife – although, personally, I prefer the title “retired stay-at-home mom”. That’s the boring answer to “who are we?” The rest of the answer is in the blog posts.

The pages of this blog are arranged as follows:


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