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7 PM

Today was a much needed rest day, so this is going to be a short, boring post.
To kick off the rest properly, we slept until 10:30, and breakfast was coffee from the hotel room Keurig.

Then we walked down the street to Riddick’s Folly, a historic Greek revival house built in 1837. It was called a folly in its time because no one really appreciated Greek revival houses around here. The tour was almost 2 hours long, and every room of the house is beautifully preserved. Much of the furniture is original to the house, as are the books, pottery, portraits, etc. The curator is a really nice man who obviously loves the house and the family.


This is a very comfortable paw-foot chair that Dana liked, he’s thinking maybe we can build one at home. But ours will be a claw-foot, since we have a case of claw-feet in our shop.


After the tour we walked down the street to Old Bay Seafood, where we had, among other things, hush puppies and crab cakes. I thought it was related to Old Bay seasoning, but it isn’t.


Then we walked about a quarter mile to downtown Suffolk, at which point we were very hot and surprisingly exhausted, so we turned around. On our way back we stopped at the Suffolk Seaboard Airline Station Railroad Museum. It is in an old passenger station that was closed in 1965, and it is filled train memorabilia. There’s an H-O model train running through it, with a miniature of Suffolk, including Riddick’s Folly. I took a picture because a model train is sort of a diorama with a train running through it, right?


After the railroad museum, we saw a massage therapist’s office, so we went in. It looked nice, but they were booked solid, so we kept walking. Dana went back to the hotel and I stopped at Rite Aid for Dramamine, Gatorade, and flip flops. We spent the rest of the afternoon in air conditioned hotel room comfort.

We just booked our rooms for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights, because the Outer Banks are busy. We are waiting to hear from a B&B in Elizabeth City for tomorrow night, but we aren’t terribly worried about it. Yet. We are now going to eat dinner in the hotel bar, wearing tomorrow’s bike clothes, while doing laundry in the hotel laundry room.

This morning I tried some stretches, and they felt great. And Dana figured out that the bladder of the CamelBak makes a great ice pack. I told him to lie on it for his back, but he’s afraid it will pop.

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