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Day off reflections…

About what I said yesterday, about how I’ve failed at this. I suppose that wasn’t quite fair. I mean, I’ve already ridden to freakin’ South Carolina, and I’m not done yet. And I did offer to Dana that we do no touring, no stopping, just ride so he can say he did this. But he said no. And I was very relieved. Fact is, this is boring! I mean, even he thinks it’s boring, and he loves this sport.

We realized we were bored when bar-sitting stopped being fun. When we started out, I wanted to sit in bars in the evenings, and Dana didn’t. He went along with it for my sake, but it wasn’t his thing. But then he started having fun with it, because we were talking to people, telling them about our adventure, and they got excited, and conversation flowed. But now, it’s getting old … most days just seem like a repeat of the same routine – pack up the bikes, ride 50 miles through nowhere, find a motel, hope it isn’t disgusting, sit at a bar, eat a boring meal.

What? Me call a meal boring? I love food. All food. But now we’re even bored with food. Ice cream, pasta, barbeque, seafood, steak. Boring, boring, boring, boring, boring. So sad. Last night I started googling recipes. The only food that sounds good to me now is food that I can cook. I’m craving corn-on-the-cob. Sigh.

4 PM

Not much to say today…

Dana wanted to bring his bike in this morning to get the squeak fixed, and as we were moving mine, Dana realized that I had a broken spoke. I said something yesterday about my bike being wobbly, but he thought I was being silly.


Sadly, I cannot get my cleats fixed. I really need new bike shoes, but that will have to wait until we get home. I am seriously bummed, because I love my ruby slippers. 😦

So both bikes spent the day in the shop, and we did the tourist thing. The Museum of Charleston, and the Provost Dungeon. We had lunch at S.N.O.B. – Slightly North of Broad Street. I actually had a cocktail with my lunch, which I never do. But I was told to try Firefly Vodka mixed with lemonade, and since I wasn’t driving or riding, I figured Why Not?


And they served their cornbread in a Sweet Grass Basket.


I told you I didn’t have much today.

And now, a little creative exercise for everyone… Make Your Own Historic Marker!


6 PM

This is why you shouldn’t wear a dress when you go/pick up your bike. Even if it’s the cheap light dress from the schlocky beach store in Myrtle Beach.


And I don’t know what this flower is, but I really wish I could grow it at home.


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