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2 PM

Sitting in our hotel room, watching the rain. The thunder was so loud just now, it woke Dana from his nap. I feel bad about not riding tomorrow, but we absolutely could not have ridden today.

Our bluetooth keyboard, which we use for blogging, is dying. I can’t type numbers, and Bs are difficult. So we went out this morning, before the storm, in search of a new one. But there are no office supply stores around here, so we gave up on that search, and started searching for Nehi soda.

I found Nehi in the fish market yesterday, but I didn’t buy it, which was silly. Neither Dana nor I have had Nehi in years, and, unfortunately, I can’t find it in the little stores near the hotel. So tomorrow, when we ride our bikes to the historic district to take pictures of historic markers, we will go back to Ronnie’s Crab Shack and buy Nehi soda.

After we gave up on keyboards and Nehi soda, we had ice cream for breakfast. Kilwin’s is the place around here with the big lines, like Kimball’s at home. Luckily, there was no line there at 10 AM.


We walked down to the waterfront to eat our ice cream, and we saw Penny and her dog, Rudy. We met them yesterday, so when she saw us she stopped to chat. We chatted until it started raining, then we headed back to the hotel. Unfortunately, the minute it started raining, it started pouring, so by the time we got back here we were drenched.

So I did the laundry, and I am starting to watch Scrubs. Dana is catching up on some much-needed sleep. All this trip, on the bikes all day, he feels great and I feel like crap. The minute we get off the bikes, I feel fine and he feels like crap. We’ve arranged massages for tomorrow morning, before our historic tour. Hopefully the massages will help with all of our crappy feelings

8 PM

Since I really have nothing more to share, I thought maybe we could take some pictures pf our tan lines, but Dana thinks that’s silly. Here is one of Dana’s hand, just to give you some idea. 


We had made reservations for dinner tonight, on a balcony overlooking the river. We walked to the restaurant, and the meal was delicious, but we did not sit on the balcony because of the rain. Everything is deserted downtown, except the bars, which are packed with people. Millions and millions of really young people. So after dinner we just walked back to our hotel, during a particularly nasty weather moment:



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