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8 PM

I forgot this Banyan tree from yesterday


Today we rode to Key Largo on Card Sound Road. Dana has been muttering about Card sound Road for 2 years now. It seems there is a big debate on the bike geek circuit about whether Card Sound Road or Route 1 is the best way between Homestead and Key Largo. So we just HAD to do Card Sound Road – Dana thought we’d see crocodiles and miles and miles of nature.

We saw miles and miles of nature. About 20 to be exact. Beauty to the point of boredom. We’ve had a lot of that lately. This is Card Sound.


When we got to Key Largo, we headed straight to John Pennekamp State Park for our snorkeling adventure. We are now the proud owners of two snorkels in case anyone wants to borrow them. We snorkeled in the coral reef for over an hour. I did not take pictures for obvious reasons. You can Google Key Largo tropical reef fish if you want to get an idea of the plethora of cool fish we saw.

We had dinner at The Conch House but we did not have conch because it is not sustainable. We did, however, have a lovely meal.

Tomorrow we have a big day planned. We will begin with breakfast at The Waffle House, which Dana says is a Southern tradition. Then we will ride 22 miles to Ronnie’s to feed Tarpon, then another 20 miles to Flipper’s grave. We are currently 98 miles from Key West!

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