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3:30 PM Otisville, NY

We are sitting in a bar across from the Otisville Corrections Center. This is the first town in a while that’s had a bathroom, a bar, … anything. We got here through Winterton, where we turned right onto Upper Rd. At the top of Upper Rd., we came to a sign for High View, and we turned onto Old Mountain Rd. This brought us to the town of Mount Hope. Need I say more?

Actually, I do need to say more. We had a huge head wind.

We left New Paltz this morning. New Paltz has just a little of a leftover Woodstock feel, or at least that’s what I thought when I saw a shop called the Groovy Blueberry. I just love that! But we don’t shop on bikes, and we don’t stop at mile 1, so sadly, we didn’t actually go into the Groovy Blueberrry, but I hope to someday.

The next 20ish miles were through beautiful, rolling farmland. We stopped at mile 11 for our mandatory butt break.DSC00229

Then we stopped at Jimmy John’s in Ulsterville and had water, Pepsi, and the best frozen pepperoni pizza EVER. Talked to a few local guys about what’s going on in the area. And this is Tank, who they say runs the town.DSC00231

It got hillier outside of Ulsterville, but we saw some wonderful countryside. This farm had 6 colts with their mothers in a field.


Eventually got to Bloomingburg, stopped at a convenience store and ate ice cream in the parking lot. Next stop, Otisville.

6:30 PM

We are in Pennsylvania!!! We were aiming for Port Jervis, NY, but the guy at Jimmy John’s told us about an all-you-can-eat lobster buffet in Matamoras, PA, so we crossed the Delaware.



and here we are.

A guy at the bar here suggested an alternate route for tomorrow. So after we blog, we have to compare the ACA maps with Google maps and figure out where we are headed tomorrow. After 55 miles today, we both think a hotel or motel around mile 40 sounds nice. So we will leave you in suspense, wondering whether we will be following the Delaware in NJ or PA. What’s really cool is that there’s a place around here where you can stand in NY, NJ, and PA at the same time, but we think it’s up a hill, so we will pass on that adventure.

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