48 hours and counting. We are totally freaking out here.

We have discussed our plans ad nauseam. We have discussed what to do if we break down. If we have time to kill. If we want to kill each other. If we run out of time. If we don’t make it to Key West. To Florida. To D.C. Yup, this is the best use of the term “ad nauseam” that I’ve heard of in a long time.

We have argued, ad nauseam, about how ambitious this ride is.  Dana keeps saying things like “It’s only 40 miles per day average.  Trivial.  Most bike tourists do 80 miles per day.”  And I counter with “only the bike tourists who read Biker Geek magazine, you $%#@!”.  And it goes from there.  He tried to be nice yesterday, explaining how relatively not hilly this ride will be.  He actually used the term “only 600 hilly miles”.  I’m beginning to question why I married this man.

[Note: The hills will actually be good for me.  I am a hill slug.  In any group ride, once there’s a steep hill, everyone passes me.  Then they give me advice on hill climbing.  It’s awesome!  So now I will be forced to climb hills until I am actually a competent climber.  Or dead.  Whichever comes first.]

I just finished packing and weighing my panniers. 13.5 pounds total. Not bad at all. I left the lighter one open, so I can add a few things at the last minute. Everything is in little baggies, which are all in little compartments. Dana packed his panniers last weekend, and has weighed them about 5 times this week. He’s up to 20 pounds, since he is carrying the electronics and most of the tools.

During the weighing process we pared down our load. 4 bike shirts each instead of 6. Less socks and underwear. A lighter windbreaker. Dana decided to bring his biking tights, but I realized I can wear my dress pants (yoga pants) as bike tights if necessary. I’m saving half a pound there!

Katie has been warned about everything in the house, specifically keeping the cats alive. I have quizzed her on various household responsibilities: when to get the mail, feed the cats, water the plants, take out the trash. But I am still worried.

We have hugged our friends ad nauseam. I’m not a hugger, but somehow I feel a need to hug now. I’ve even hugged some people twice. It’s not like we’ll be gone forever, but it sure feels like it.

We have gotten advice from many people, and we are storing it all up in our heads. Thanks to their advice, a few more worries have been added to our list, specifically chiggers and long bridges. I have sent emails to everyone, warning them that we may be calling or emailing for help throughout the ride.

Did I say Dana already packed? Just last night he started running around the house, flinging stuff out of laundry baskets looking for his tights, his black shirt, his favorite bike shorts. I’m much calmer about that stuff. I just have a list of last minute worries. Although I did wake up at 2 AM last night wondering where my travel wallet is. Couldn’t fall back to sleep for almost an hour.

Yup, we are definitely freaking out here.